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Providing our underwater photos from Mantas and Devil Rays belly so we can help to FotoID as many individuals as possible of this species and to increase the knowledge about this  very vulnerable animals around the world.

By giving 10€ of each student that makes a PADI Dive Course with us we are contributing to the Ocean Conservation and Protection Projects Worldwide and by cleaning in all our dives any debris that we found.

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Together with WWF and ANP we have a local research and  scientific project with Sea Horses. Our dive center discovered a dive site were they are more common and we are getting to know them better as a lot need to be discovered about Azores Sea Horses.


Our very own Environmental Education Project were each one of us collaborate to the local knowledge of our ocean in local schools and community with lectures, films, underwater cleaning actions and fun games for kids

Working together with Azorean University in several areas of study with scientific projects going from Jellyfish to Black Coral, to taking students underwater in Marine Biology Classes to collaborate in data survey or even by donating the gear that we can't rent anymore to clients to the scientific field work and students classes.

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