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2020 Best Spot Azores Staff

This year the season start and finish too fast :( with the corona virus spreading and closer of our island to tourists we were unable to keep working.

All the staff is at home preparing as they can to the reopen of the season. We will like to introduce them one by one but we will start by posting this group photo taken in the beginning of March 2020 with our permanent staff for 2020. From the left to the right we have Paulo Luis, Bruno Sérgio, Suzi Oliveira, Sérgio Perez, Rúben Garcia and Paulo Guimarães.

We truly hope that after this close up we are able to come back in active and bring you the fresh news we will have for this season. In the meantime stay at home, refresh theory, start a new online diving course and work out were you will be diving as soon as all this calms down ;)

We can't wait to go back in the water!!!

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