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Scuba Diving in 2021

Hello Divers!!!

A lot of divers have been contacting us to know if we are open and diving this year... and the answer is YES!!! We have been diving and open since February of 2021!!! With 3 boats on our operation this year, PADI & SSI Courses, Nitrox and much more new sites already with +50 and still adding new ones to the list ;)

With the Azores with a stable Covid situation and considered one of the safest European destinations to travel in 2021 what are you waiting for to make us a visit this year? Direct flights from England, France, Germany, Switzerland, US and Lisbon or Porto.

Contact us if you need more informations ;) we are more than happy to help you. In the meantime get a glance of what we have been up too the last 3 months!!! Making divers happy since 2007 ;)

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